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How to make silk quilt by using cocoon opener

We all know that quilts are popcorn, and how are silk made? Silk has many advantages. It belongs to high-end quilt consumer goods. Its market space is large and its profits are rich. Silk quilts can not be separated from computer quilting machines. Let's introduce the steps of making silk quilts in detail.
It is the first step to make silk.
The concrete method of treating a capable silkworm cocoon with a cocoon opening machine is made. The ordinary cocoon is made into a capable silkworm cocoon after artificial pupae, alkali water cooking, clean water, dehydration, drying and so on. After a series of processed silkworm cocoons, it is put on the feeding curtain of the cocoon opening machine, and the cocoon machine will automatically feed the silk and roll the silk out to the roller with the bending needle.
The silk is made in second steps:
Remove the silk from the roller: cut the silk from the roller with scissors, tear the silk from the roller, and don't see the roller only 60 centimeters wide. Because the silk is long, it has a good stretch extension, so you can safely stretch to the width you want.
The silk is made in third steps:
The method of sewing silk is concreted by computer quilting machine: remove the silk from the roller, weigh the needed weight, pull it to the required width, and use it to wrap it up. The quilt cover of the silk quilt is fixed on the computer quilting machine, and the quilt quilt machine is started to sew and form the silk quilt.
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