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Daily maintenance of single needle computer quilting machine

What are the routine maintenance of single needle quilting machine? We all know that mechanical equipment needs normal maintenance and maintenance to be able to improve efficiency in the process of production. Today we are working together to study the daily maintenance points of a single needle computer quilting machine.
Single needle computer quilting machine
1, the machine power ground wire must be grounded independently, and must not be mixed with the "zero" line in the power supply.
2, when working, the machine should always pay attention to whether there is any abnormal sound. If abnormal voice should be stopped in time, it is necessary to find out the cause and eliminate it before working.
3, please do not open the computer components and frequency converters. If there are any faults in this area, please contact the manufacturer in time and send them by the manufacturer or his agent.
4. All belts on the machine should not be stained with oil. If the oil on the surface of the belt is found, it should be cleaned in time.
5. If there is a temporary blackout during the normal quilting process, the power switch of the computer and the electric box should be switched off in time. After the connection is connected, the setting parameters should be reconfirmed, and the head and frame will return to the starting point and then the machine will be started.
6. When drawing or loading the frame, check whether the needle is in the highest position, so as not to coat the fabric.
7. Ensure the stability of the input voltage. If necessary, the stabilizer can be configured to ensure the normal operation of the electrical components of the machine.
8, if the machine working environment exceeds the required requirements, the tension force of the synchronous belt will change obviously, the electrical components will be unstable, and the machine may appear abnormal at this time, and the user is asked to monitor the changes of the working environment strictly.