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Unremarkable dust can cause great harm to computer quilting

The computer quilting machine needs cleaning for a period of time or for a long time. The dust that is insignificant actually damages the quilting machine considerably. Dust accumulation will make the motor overheated, dust roll attached to the rotating shaft will make the motor power increase, quilting condition, at the same time, it will affect the accuracy of quilting, so it is necessary to clean the dust regularly. We summarize some points that need to be cleaned up, and hope to be helpful for your daily use.
1. First, the power supply of the computer seams is cut off.
2. Remove and decompose the shuttle bed according to the instructions.
3. Use soft brush and soft cloth to clean the shuttle bed thoroughly.
4. The reinstallation of the shuttle bed is in place.
5, clean and clean the fuselage with clean, slightly damp soft cloth.
6, start the trial run, ensure that the installation is correct after the completion of cleaning;
7. The components in the electric control operation box are cleaned up one by one.