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Cleaning practice of multi needle bottom quilt quilt machine

The multi needle quilt quilt machine can not be moved. It is lack of oil lubrication. Before adding lubricating oil, it must first clean up and lubricate.
(1) cleaning of cloth feeding teeth: remove the screws between the needle plate and the cloth feeding teeth, remove cloth and dust, and add a small amount of sewing oil.
(2) cleaning of shuttle beds: Shuttle beds are the core of sewing work. Therefore, remove dirt and add a small amount of sewing oil.
(3) cleaning of other parts: the surface of the sewing machine and all parts in the panel should be cleaned regularly and kept clean.
(4) filling parts: each oil hole on the head of the machine, lubrication on both sides of the shaft, and the parts connected with the upper shaft; the moving parts that are connected by the two sides of the drive; the lubrication of the pin and the needle bar and its connected components; the movement of the lower part of the machine plate is cleaned and less oil is added.