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Precautions for filling in quilting machine

For mechanical equipment, regular lubrication is a very important work content. Today, we will introduce the key points of the lubrication operation of quilting machine.
First, when the quilting machine is lubricated, the special quilting machine must be used. When the quilting machine is used for a period of time, the oil should be added once and for all. Before using the quilting machine, it should make the machine turn around the time, make the oil fully infiltrate and dump the excess oil, then clean the head and the table with a clean soft cloth, so as to avoid the materials such as the bedding. And then make the formal sewing.
The main lubricating parts of the quilting machine are as follows:
1) the oil holes on the nose, the upper part of the lubrication shaft and the upper shaft.
2) the components inside the panel and the moving parts connected with each component. Lubricating pin and needle bar and connecting parts.
3) clean the parts of the lower parts of the machine plate and add less oil.
Note: refueling holes and refueling locations need not be too much, and one or two drops will do.