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Opening and carding machine installation, commissioning and

The loosening and carding machine is an ideal processing equipment for combing new and old fibers such as cotton, wool, hollow fiber, old sweater and wool. How to install and debug the loose combing machine after buying it? Every link should pay special attention to adjust in place, otherwise it will affect its performance. Today, I'll give you a detailed explanation.
Installation and debugging:
1, the installation of the machine does not need to dig pit, to fix the foot fixed (all of the machine roll through the computer dynamic balance correction), as long as the ground is smooth, proofread good machine level, to ensure that the machine angle does not tilt. The whole machine must be connected to the ground line!
2. According to the difference of raw material fiber and product, adjust the spacing between the teeth rollers.
3, start operation sequence: chopper motor, fan motor, cylinder motor, flower roller, motor, automatic feeding motor.
4, stop operation sequence: automatic feeding cotton motor, flower blower, thorn roller motor, cylinder motor, fan motor and chopper motor.
Training operations:
1. All transmission parts must be lubricated before starting the machine to check whether the rotation of the feeding curtain is normal.
2, the chopper box should be filled with lubricating oil before use, and must not be short of oil.
3. After running normally, Xilin and doffer can start feeding cotton into rollers.
4, according to process requirements and product needs set various values.
5, after the boot, it is forbidden to feed wood, stone, metal and other foreign objects and hard objects into the running parts.
6, machine abnormal noise should be stopped in time, first stop feeding cotton roller, then stop doffer, Xilin, wait for the machine to stop after processing, do not start maintenance.
7, in the future, after the production is finished every day, we must clean up once the work is stopped and the power is cut off.