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According to the survey of the China Household Textile Industry Association, the proportion of household textiles in the developed countries of the United States, Western Europe and Japan is about 33% to 38%, while the proportion of domestic textile products in the textile industry is 28.60%. Compared with the developed countries, the consumption ratio is still small.
1, the process of urbanization continues to push forward the expansion of bedding consumer groups.
Urbanization will inevitably be accompanied by the transfer of rural population to cities. The release of the consumption potential of these populations has increased the demand for bedding. The increase of urban population and the change of the living environment will promote the upgrading of the soft environment of residential decoration, thus providing a broader space for the consumption of the bedding market. With the overall progress of urbanization in China, a large number of people are pouring into the city, which directly leads to the growth of the number of potential consumers, and has also led to the rapid growth of the consumption demand in the bedding market.
2, the level of consumption is constantly improving to promote the upgrading of residents' consumption habits.
In recent years, the level of per capita GDP in our country is constantly improving, the living standard of the residents is continuously improving, people's life has changed from "food and clothing type" to "well-off type". People's demand for living environment and quality of life is changing from practicality and economy to comfort, culture and individualization, so as to promote the consumption of bedding. The idea is constantly changing. With the further improvement of residents' consumption level, the growth of domestic bedding market will be broader.
3, housing conditions improved significantly, driven by rigid demand for bedding.
Since 1999, the government of our country has gradually promoted the reform of the housing system of urban residents in the whole country, promoted the continuous development of the domestic real estate and construction industry, the housing conditions of the urban residents improved continuously, the sales area of residential housing was greatly improved, and the residential conditions of the residents had been obviously improved. Based on the consumption habits of Chinese residents, about 82% of Chinese consumers will buy various kinds of bedding to decorate their homes when decorating or moving into new homes. Attaching importance to environmental decoration, improving life taste, paying attention to individual culture and living art, and creating a comfortable living environment have become the standard and pursuit of the new residence. The improvement of housing conditions greatly stimulates the consumption of bedding, and the consumption demand of bedding consumption as a feature of new residence or decoration will form a huge demand market for bedding.
4, the rapid development of the hotel industry, bedding input increased
In recent years, with the improvement of people's living standard, tourism has gradually become a new way of life and consumption. In 2015, the number of domestic tourists was 3 billion 990 million, compared with 2 billion 103 million in 2010, the number of domestic tourism increased substantially, and the annual growth rate reached 13.67%. The development of tourism promotes the expansion of the hotel scale and provides a wide demand for bedding.
5, the wedding market is developing vigorously, stimulating bedding consumption.
Our country has always had the custom of paying for bedclothes, and the newly married couple's attention to the home environment has led to the upsurge of bedding consumption. At present, our country is entering the wedding peak period of "baby boomer" in 80s. There are more than 12 million new couples in China each year, assuming that each newly married couple consumes 2000 yuan in bedding, and the new marriage celebration will form a rigid demand for 24 billion bedding. The huge demand for wedding has become an important support for the optimistic outlook of bedding consumption. From the point of view of consumption, the post-1980s personality consumption awareness, advocating brand, high quality of life, so more willing to decorate the new house consumption, in the next few years will also drive the consumption of bedding needs to upgrade.