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The computer quilting machine needs to pay attention to ever

 Computerized quilting machine must be used for quilt production every day. Has it been checked before starting the machine to start work? Or do you start production directly through the power supply? When the machine is finished, sometimes there are some hidden problems that have not been found. It is easy to make a quilt on the second day. Xiaobian reminds us of every operator who uses quilting machine. What should we pay attention to when we start work everyday?

1. preparations: routine inspection of quilting machines, installation of machine needles, adequacy of the bottom line, normal thread wear on the line, scratches and so on.
2. after switching on the power supply and selecting the flower pattern, the needle spacing, needle speed and frame points should be set according to the length and width of the quilt.
3. it is necessary to test the working state of the machine again and check whether the switches can work normally and whether the drive of the face line is working normally.
4. after the above steps are checked, the quilts which are required can be fixed on the frame and then put into the machine to start working. The quilts will be taken out after the quilting is finished and the quilt is taken off.
These steps must never be forgotten when working everyday, and whether the correct operation will have a great impact on the service life of the machine. Thank you for your attention to our website. If you want to get a further understanding, such as the carding machine and the fine machine quilting machine and other quilting machines, we welcome you to contact us at any time, and sincerely invite you to provide the most satisfactory service!