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Hello, Welcome to BST Quilting Embroiders Equipment Manufacturing CO.,LTD! 中文 English

Nantong BST Quilting Embroiders Equipment Manufacturing CO.,LTD 
is specialized in producing quilting, quilting embroidery machines and non-woven equipment. The products include single head computerized quilting machine, single head computerized quilting & embroidery machine, multi needle computerized quilting machine, multi heads computerized quilting embroidery machine, buckwheat mattress quilting machine, curtain quilting machine, automatic weighing pillow machine, continuous computerized quilting machine, automatic pillow filling machine, ball fiber machine, bed filling line and etc. 
From early 2002 company established till now, we has been successfully exported to Italy, Ecuador, Guatemala, Serbia, Israel, Egypt, Iran, Colombia, Chile, Indonesia, Malaysia, India, Pakistan, Thailand, Korea, Vietnam and other countries, successfully developed many agencies in the South America, the Middle East, Southeast Asia and etc.