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Hello, Welcome to BST Quilting Embroiders Equipment Manufacturing CO.,LTD! 中文 English
Single Color Multi Head Quilting Embroidery Machine
Main axis motor XY axis motoe Rotary Hook Needle Stitch length Max speed Power Power
Servo motor

Servo motor

Big Rotary hook MR3.0-5.0 0.15mm-12.7mm 1000RPM 380V 50HZ <5KW
Main Specifications:
Model Heads QTY Heads QTY Interal Quilting width


2 50.8mm 2844mm
BST-230 30 2 50.8mm 3048mm
BST-232 32 2 50.8mm 3251mm
BST-224 24 2 67.5mm 3240mm
Function characteristic:
Combining quilting and embroidering into one machine. 
Every head can be chosen to quilt and embroider. 
Automatic fastening system. 
Unlimited and continued quilting and embroidering in Y axis.
Embroidery frame moving on straight rails. 
Panasonic servo motor driving in X and Y axis.
Each head equipped with the Auto-oiling system. 
10 inches color LCD monitor, tracing designs and easy to be operated.