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Hello, Welcome to BST Quilting Embroiders Equipment Manufacturing CO.,LTD! 中文 English
BST-6-2 Double head Computerized Quilting Machine

Main Specifications:
Machine Area Max quilting area Needle Model Stitch Length
4.2m×5.5m 2.8m×3.0m MR3.0-5.0 2mm-8mm
Rotary Hook Max Rotate speed Power Total power
Big Rotary Hook 2200RPM Single-phase
220V 50HZ
Quilt coverlet, bedcover, sponge, leather and so on.
1.The head moves along X axis, and the girder moves along Y axis.
2.Each head can work independently.
3.Using special technology, the quilt can't be broken.
4.Using good quality hardware and software, the right- angle, sharp-angle and circle can be well quilted.
5.Quilting pattern storage: about 200 patterns kept in the computer, also can read from USB, the pattern file is .dst.
6. Needle auto-lifting, auto-stop when thread-breakage, If shut off electricity, program would be kept in the computer,retreat requiting, back tack.